Yep, you read that right. Kelly is scheduled to be discharged from the Rehab facility on Thursday, November 14. Her stay has been long, her milestones many. And the road ahead: it will be even longer. But with every day, Kelly is more mobile, in less pain, and is making progress. 
Kelly has persevered through PT during in-patient rehab. Progress and mobility is something to smile about, and she's been doing a lot of that lately! As always, Warrior Woman Kelly is proving that a positive attitude really does make a difference in recovering from an accident like hers. 
Todd Dillon was in town last week for a (far too) brief stay before heading back to St. Louis. He kept Kelly's bed warm at Arkansas Manor for a few nights, hanging with Kelly during the day and meeting with the prosecutors here in DC. Now that Kelly has wheels under her, she's been cruising around the rehab center on her own. She's an independent lady! Which, of course, meant heading out to the hospital's patio area for her first breath of fresh air and good ol' Vitamin D in a while! Fall has been showing off for us here in the district for the past couple of weeks. The days have been warm, the air crisp, colorful leaves still linger, and the nights are cold enough that you're psyched to jump into bed and curl up at the end of a long day.
Kelly practices getting in the car for her Thanksgiving trek to Jordan's parents' house. Road trip!!
So here we are, facing the next big step in Kelly's recovery. Here's where we really need your help, Kelly's Krew. Please keep up your positive support, your phone calls and letters, your instagram posts and all the good vibes felt strongly here in DC. They have made a world of difference. But Kelly is far from the finish line, so now she needs your support more than ever. The blog will continue from the Arkansas Family, as we hope to keep you posted on every degree of bending progress Kelly makes, along with the many recovery milestones yet to come. Stay tuned!! and make sure Kelly knows you're listening, and rooting for her :) 

Transitioning back to our house will present many challenges: stairs, fewer nurses (though word on the street is that Kelly's out-patient therapy will entail nurses coming to HER at the house!!!), rooms & cabinets that weren't built with people on crutches in mind.... and more stairs. BUT, we are so happy that this big move for Kelly will bring her back to our daily lives, where she belongs in our Arkansas Family. As much as we enjoyed seeing the rest of you spend time with Kelly during the many visits at the hospital, we're kind of ready to steal her back and hog her... is that selfish? Maybe a bit. 

Kelly has enthusiastically decided that we will be throwing a BIG party in the weeks to come, to give this Warrior Woman a proper welcome home. I have a feeling this is where the photo booth we dreamt up (but never set up in the hospital), and the New & Improved Bag/Basket of Fun comes into play. Bag of Fun may even be the theme... again, stay tuned! As you know, if you live here in DC or have ever had the pleasure of resting your head on our comfy green couch, we are psyched to welcome you into our house & home to visit Kelly. 

There will be merry dinners. 
There will be joyous jam sessions (Kelly plans to get even BETTER at the guitar than she is already in the coming months). 
There will be Yoga Brunches, 
and clothing swaps, 
singing dogs, and grilled pizza parties.... 
...salsa dancing in the dining room (with Kelly looking on comfortably from Big Green until it's her turn to spin again).
And if I have anything to do with it... there will be whiskey. 

We will gather on Arkansas Ave, in community, around our Warrior Women Kelly as she begins the next long chapter of her recovery. Kelly couldn't ask for a more supportive, positive community here in DC and afar. You've proven yourselves, so don't stop now! 

Can't wait to see you all around the house, and to finally have our Warrior Woman Kelly back where she belongs: home. 

With love, as always, 
Maggie & Kelly's Krew at Arkansas Manor

p.s. DEBBIE DILLON is coming back to DC tomorrow, and we can't wait! (We love the Dillons).

11/12/2013 6:19am

This is THE BEST news of the year! New life chapters are filled with anticipation and forward, positive thinking; fall 2013 will be a chapter filled with blessings!

11/12/2013 3:23pm

Fantastic news!! So proud of you Kelly, as well as the whole Arkansas family for their unwavering support. Sending lots of hugs your way.

11/15/2013 7:40am


I have been listening to your tunes. The Soul mixes are my favorite. What a great collection of tunes from across time and genre. Really great job. I can't thank you enough for your kindness. It is amazing that relative strangers like you are so eager to put a smile on my face. Well done, sir. I hope I get to meet you someday.


Jeff Standish
11/12/2013 6:44pm

Kelly - Just saw the update after posting a message to you via a different route. So glad to hear you are on the mend and coming back to Arkansas. Would be happy to meet you acquaintance and others on your Arkansas crew.


Jeff Standish
ANC 4C03

11/14/2013 3:22pm

Onward and upward!! We're pysched too! Love u Kelly. Can't wait to meet your amazzzing DC friends.


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