Debbie and Todd sent an update on Kelly's progress that we'd like to share with you all, along with a photo from family friends, the Salvaggios, of Percy's 1st painting on his easel where colorful strokes (which I'll interpret as leaves, going along with our Signs of Fall Instagram Assignment #1) express love and send spirits to Kelly in DC. 

Debbie reports that Wednesday was a restful day, allowing Kelly to sleep, eat and prepare for another round of surgery coming up tomorrow, Thursday, in the afternoon (in the "hospital time zone", who knows exactly when). Due to tomorrow's surgery, Kelly won't be up for evening visitors.

This will be Kelly's 4th surgery in 7 days... wow, is she a warrior woman. 7 has been my lucky number ever since I overheard an elementary school crush mention it was his, during a gym class one day. Thus far, it's served me well :) We're crossing our fingers for more progress, another step forward.

This road to recovery will be long, tackled one step at a time. As Kelly said the other day, sometimes even "one minute at a time." Her pragmatic approach and bravery cease to amaze. I'm reminded of the summer I spent leading a bike trip across the country, from Charleston, SC to our Pacific coast finish line in San Diego, CA. The end goal was clear, and we knew heading west would take us there. While that goal remained constant, calculating the miles between here and there did little to motivate, and proved to be daunting. Day by day, we tackled mile by mile. But I often focused my energy even more acutely on the tangible milestones I faced: the top of a hill, a bend in the road, the final push to the grocery store, the sign up ahead. Each conquered goal led to #LittleMomentsOfJoy (check out Lois Parshley's Instagram Assignment #2 to share your own daily moments with Kelly), and tiny victories. Aside from the fun & games on bicycles part, Kelly's journey seems to present a similar design. 

Kelly seems to have an intuitive wisdom for how to best tackle this beast of a challenge life has recently thrown her way, digesting and tackling the moments of adversity one-by-one, without hesitating to crack a joke now and again. Her mother, Debbie, wrote tonight that somehow her great sense of humor is prevailing! We've experienced many brilliant (possibly pain-killer aided) one-liners. She added that Kelly is brave and remains "cheerful in all weather" (a quote from Lonesome Dove, a family favorite I've heard Kelly speak of on more than one occasion). 

To be only slightly more medical here, Kelly still has a fever (which started on Monday night) and is getting multiple antibiotics to fight 2 bacterial infections. The docs are working hard on giving her body the proper tools to fight these microbial battles. 

Thursday's surgery (#4) will be to check her leg and begin some of the repair to her bone (damage was mainly to the tibia). Since the accident, Kelly's been sporting some particularly shiny rods on the outside of her leg to keep the bone in place while the docs tackle damaged arteries and muscle. First things first! and, again, one step at a time.

Debbie and Todd gladly report that Kelly is definitely feeling the love of her friends and family and is responding well to your energy and care.  Keep sending the good vibes, and we'll report back soon! 

Peace and love, 
Maggie & the Arkansas Family



10/16/2013 10:43pm

Please feel free to add comments here, folks! We'd love to hear from you :)

- Maggie

10/17/2013 12:19pm

Thank you Maggie, Arkansas Avenue Family (Austen, April, Erica , Maggie) and Friends and Family of Kelly for this amazing outpouring of love and support. She (all of us) feel your love - a most important ingredient for recovery!


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