Have you seen all the phenomenal photos Kelly's friends and loved ones have been posting to #goodvibesKelly on Instagram? If not, check out this live feed on the "keeping in touch" section of this site. 

We're going to crowd-source this one folks. Here's how this works: 

1 YOU (yes, you!) come up with an assignment! Something from our daily lives we can snap some pics of, slap some filters onto, summon some #oftheBestMostHilariousHashTagsEVRR, and share with our @warriorwomanKelly. 

2 Use a free app like Phonto to write text on a photo letting everyone else know what your assignment is! Make sure to include #goodvibesKelly Assignment #3 and a mention of our @warriorwomanKelly 

3 Blast it out! 

with #love, 

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    Kelly's roommate family here in Washington DC, hereby known as the Arkansas Family will be collaborating with Jordan (Kelly's boyfriend) and Kelly's parents, Debbie and Todd, to bring you updates on Kelly's recovery! 


    November 2013
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