Todd Dillon, Kelly's father, just sent this photo of Kelly from her room in the ICU. This girl is prepped, and ready to head into surgery #4. Thumbs up, smiling, it takes a true warrior woman to maintain the positive spirit Kelly's emanating here. 

The love and support from friends and family like you truly helps! Keep it up, continue to post to our #goodvibesKelly hashtag on Instagram, and please get in touch if you're able to help the Dillons out by providing a warm meal! 

Maggie, the Dillons, and our roommate family on Arkansas Ave. 

Dinner offers, please contact Maggie: margaret.macy.smith@gmail.com



Mary Niehaus
10/17/2013 3:30pm

Go get 'em, girl!

Brett Wiley
10/18/2013 8:50pm

Lindsey and I are sending you good vibes from Pittsburgh. Go get 'em, Kelly!


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    Kelly's roommate family here in Washington DC, hereby known as the Arkansas Family will be collaborating with Jordan (Kelly's boyfriend) and Kelly's parents, Debbie and Todd, to bring you updates on Kelly's recovery! 


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