First of all: the news. Kelly's surgery Thursday was a great success. The "erector set" they had stabilizing her leg from the outside has finally been removed! The doctors were able to finish all of the work repairing her bone, and now she has a much sleeker version of that mechanism inside her leg, shoring her tibia up. We are all delighted that they managed to finish the bone work, since that means Kelly is one step closer to healing and standing up again! There is another surgery scheduled for early next week in hopes of finally closing her leg up, so fingers crossed.

Kelly spent Friday resting, and recovering from a long surgery. She is still in a lot of pain, but now that the end is in sight, she is being an absolute champ and getting excited about recovery. The doctors started physical therapy today (sitting up and putting her right foot on the ground!!!!) and she is starting to think about the big-time rehab that she'll start when they finally finish the last surgery.

So tonight we made an attempt at a board game night at the hospital, and what a success! While the hospital room and bed aren't exactly conducive to a board with moving pieces, we spent some quality time with the giant book of Mad Libs her friend Betsy sent. A game of Mad Libs is a great reminder that no one grows up completely. There were just as many scatological references in there as there were when we were kids, only this time we got a couple of her nurses to help us out. They had far filthier and more surprising (medical) contributions than we could have ever hoped.

We also wanted to send a great big thanks to everyone who has pitched in this week to help make Kelly's life (and her mother's, and ours) just a little bit easier. We had an incredibly generous dinner this Monday delivered by Amy Rothschild, which brightened up our whole week. Kelly continues to get cards daily from old and new friends; we are all amazed by the number of people out there pulling for her. 

If you are looking to help, to send love, or food, please take a look at our meal schedule, photo projects, and other ideas on the "how to help" page.

So much love,
Erica and the Arkansas Family
10/26/2013 9:27pm

Yippp yip! Can't wait to see that leg w/o the external hardware Kelly! Be back late tomorrow, so I'll see ya mon or tues! Will bring Vermont love in the form of maple syrup, hugs from Barb, Big Ron, El Jefe & Wilma Smith

Kelly Dillon
10/27/2013 7:12am

I wanted to thank Barb, Ron, Maggie, Jeff, and Will for the card and good vibes. The Smith family gets it done with love and smiles.


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