Kelly and many of her DC friends have a Monday night tradition of gathering at the Red Derby, a neighborhood bar – and local institution – for half-price Derby burgers, cheap drinks, and fine conversation. Kelly’s friend Pier had the brilliant idea of bringing “the power of concentrated Derby goodness in little parcels of half-priced glory and full-tilt love (with sweet potato fries)” to the hospital on Monday evening so that Kelly could partake in the Derby fun. We sat outside of the main entrance in the crisp early fall air, chowing burgers and making cards , while small groups took turns bringing the Derby love to Kelly’s new room. It was a wonderful weekly tradition made even more special in its power to adapt to unexpected circumstances. 

For any of you who haven't had the joy of participating in Derby night (either at the traditional 14th St. location or the new MedStar location), we welcome you to join! Please email, and I will make sure you get added to the "Derby is for Winners" Google Group and receive all Derby night-related announcements.

-April & the Arkansas Ave. Family



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    Kelly's roommate family here in Washington DC, hereby known as the Arkansas Family will be collaborating with Jordan (Kelly's boyfriend) and Kelly's parents, Debbie and Todd, to bring you updates on Kelly's recovery! 


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