As Kelly heals, a group of friends are working to address some of the conditions that led to the crash. The stretch of street where Kelly was struck outside her house is desperately in need of safety improvements. Because of the way that Arkansas Avenue was designed, drivers routinely speed 10 to 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, creating safety concerns for the families and kids who walk and bike in the neighborhood. To keep everybody safe and tragedy-free in the future, we need to slow down the traffic on this residential street. 

Kelly Blynn and MaryLauran Hall, two of Kelly's DC friends, are mobilizing neighbors to push the city to institute "traffic calming" — changes to the street to encourage slower, more careful driving — along Arkansas Avenue. 

If you're interested 
in getting involved
or supporting this effort,
send them a note below. 

Your first opportunity to join Kelly B. and Mary Lauran in their efforts is this Saturday at 3pm, starting at our Arkansas Family house in Petworth. Write these ladies a note here, and they'll keep you posted with details. They'd love to have you join! 

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    Kelly's roommate family here in Washington DC, hereby known as the Arkansas Family will be collaborating with Jordan (Kelly's boyfriend) and Kelly's parents, Debbie and Todd, to bring you updates on Kelly's recovery! 


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